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Web Design & Development

That the growth of a business is dependent on its reach amongst its target audience cannot be disputed. Marketing helps achieve this result by a clear exposition of the business to its targeted audience. Websites are the actual logos of business in this era of digital marketing. Since a website is the obvious digital face of a business, the web design has to be a well-thought-out one. This emphasizes the importance of proficient web designing. Microwebz, the leading web design, and development services company in Bangalore is one such.
What makes Microwebz, the pioneer Webdesign company in Bangalore stands out from its competitors?

User Friendly

We place ourselves in the user's shoes in order to create the ideal website for the clients which would highly satisfy their audience. We, being a leading web development company in Bangalore, pay great attention to the specific demands of our client. Each web design created by us, one of the best web design and development services in Bangalore, is bespoke rather than a generalized one. The fact that we are one among the best web design and development companies In Bangalore does not preclude us from taking up the strenuous work of redoing an already created web design by us in case it fails to completely satisfy our client when there is unsatisfactory feedback from the users.

Search Engine Friendly Website

Where digital marketing is concerned, being search engine friendly is a pre-requisite for every web site. We enjoy the unique status of an unparalleled web development company in Bangalore, paying prior attention to the SEO aspect in displaying the important content in such appropriate formats that are quickly considered by the search engine thereby pulling in a huge number of visitors which in turn adds to the global face of the business. This ensures being noticed by potential clients.

Mobile-Friendly Website

Smartphone has shrunk the world into the grasp of one's palm. We, the Microwebz, being the top-notch web design and development agency in Bangalore, also for our part ensure that our web designs are compatible with all devices.


Yes, of course when we are done with the testing we let you have a foretaste of the website. Despite constant updating through brainstorming, some gaps may still be there. It is a ritual for us at Microwebz to test our client's website across devices. Also, certain websites behave differently when it comes to operating systems and the model. Various factors are taken into consideration while completing the testing to see that the website performs equally at the desired level across platforms!

Development, Support, and Updates.

When once we have passed through the testing phase, we make available the website for external access. The constantly evolving technologies and the ever-changing requirements see to it that our relationship does not end with the website development. We, the Microwebz people, continue to provide high interactive campaigns and blog updates to our customers who find our approach extremely helpful if bringing web traffic is what they aim at.

Web Designing With Combo

Being a web design and a one-stop solution digital marketing agency, we build SEO friendly web sites. In this process, we ensure that your website gets crawled and indexed properly to be readily noticed by the search engines. Just merely having a website is no longer enough in today's increasingly competitive world. Users must be able to not only find it but connect with it as well. A visit to our SEO, PPC, and Social Media Advertising Services will help you understand how we can enable you to drive more traffic to your website once it is built. Certainly, integrating your website with social media platforms and keep your product or services bridging these together works wonders in achieving success.

    Microwebz, web development services and designing company in Bangalore offers a wide range of web site services, as under:-

  •  Website Design and Development

  •  Web servicing and maintenance

  •  Branding design -logo creation, Brand Recreation or Rebranding

  •  Mobile-specific Website Designing