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Android App Development

What actually does a client need is end to end android app development services from the experts and here we play our part absolutely in the right way. Neither an online app developer nor a free tutorial is adequate to build the requisite app. We, however, focus on building and deploying it and as an add-on provide you with our strategies to maintain the application. Microwebz focuses on the utilization of Android as a platform for creating innovative and dynamic applications for Android devices. In addition, we strive at delivering the best android apps that could be found on Google Play. We make this possible by focusing on the usage of creative designs and cutting edge technologies and creating the best possible application.

iOS/ iPhone App Development

At Microwebz, while developing an application on the iOS platform, we make use of the variety of device features available along with the inbuilt capabilities of the iPhone or iPad.Our iOS the app development team consists of experts having vast experience and interest in the development of apps for Apple devices. The iOS applications developed by our Microwebz Team are custom made for the mobile devices guaranteed to enhance the user experience. Our team of expert web developers with their vast experience and excellent track record create unique and dynamic applications utilizing the inbuilt capabilities of Apple devices and their cutting edge technology. We also handle app upgrades, migration, support, and maintenance tasks in addition to building, developing, and testing.

Windows Apps Development

A compact version of the Microsoft Windows operating system is the Windows mobile and the apps explore diverse trends in the market. The Windows mobile app developers of Microwebz take complete advantage of this feature and apply their best capabilities in designing and developing novel applications for the windows mobile desktop. The general belief is that Microsoft Windows itself has adequate power, scalability, and innovation which when used by expert mobile app developers create wonderfully and stable applications that are often influential. In general, Windows mobile apps stand next to Andriod and iOS apps. However, our developers focus on building feature-rich, stable, and responsive mobile applications even for a Windows device.

App Store Optimization Page Count

Mobile App Advertising and Mobile innovations have literally taken the entire world by storm. It is now possible to meet every requirement on the go, be it booking a ride or booking reservations for a luncheon, and all that you have to do is tap on your mobile screen and utilize the power of the numerous business apps featuring there. All businesses nowadays increasingly rely on applications(Apps), in order to reach out to a diverse clientele. We, at the Microwebz -Mobile App Store Optimization Company in India, fully understand and appreciate the significance of making your business app ready. However, the conceptualization, creation, designing, and development of a mobile app is only half the battle won. It is ultimately the user experiences that determine the success of your mobile app. And that creates the need for the proper mobile app advertising or ASO marketing.
Two aspects govern the process of the ASO marketing of your apps. The first one is to popularize your app on third party websites and applications earning thereby new customers. The second one is to put more effort into advertising and popularizing your apps amongst your existing users. Such marketing efforts will prove to be the key to ensuring better engagement and greater revenues for you.

App Title Optimization Services

Nowadays it has become important to optimize everything within the app stores. By this, the user gets to understand fully what your application does and to know the fixes that have been done. Also, this is the best way for us to help you when it comes to the implementation of the keywords. In addition, this activity will increase your brand awareness, multiply the number of downloads, bolster the application, and much more. This will be the ideal thing that you can do for all the various app stores being used by numerous potential customers.

App Keyword Targeting & Optimization

It will be to your advantage to make sure that you are using the right keywords when it comes to optimizing your application in the stores. This is to be done in the title as well as in the description so that the viewer can see what they are looking at. The viewer will be searching for numerous keywords and you have to ensure that your application fulfills this requirement which we can help you with. One of the best options for users is to use the keywords to find your application and download it.

App Ratings and Review

You would like to ensure that your application has the right reviews as well as ratings wherein you can avail of our help. If your application has a higher number of reviews as well as good ratings more users are likely to download it. You would naturally, want to ensure that you are encouraging all those users who have been satisfied with your application to rate it and also leave a review. This is the best way for people to find your application and download it as they are aware that others have used it and loved it.

App Description Optimization

Another aspect you must pay attention to and ensure is the optimization of the description. This is highly relevant because most people will read the description first and hence it needs to be concise and must contain the main information. You should ensure that the description reveals some of the unique features of this application in as well as explaining its performance. We can help you in this regard by ensuring that all this is done properly so that your application is fully optimized and ready for use.

App Screenshots Icon Creating

By having the right screenshots, as well as the right icon, will draw more people into using your application. You should ensure that the screenshots you put up display the unique features that can be used in the application and show the interface as well. You would do well to choose an icon that stands out from the rest which would give an idea to the users as to what your application is about. If you need help in this regard, we will get the job done for you.