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Our Paid Advertising Services Process

Keyword Research and Selection

As far as running an online Ad Campaign is concerned, the most crucial factor is to research and select the appropriate high-performance keywords. While anyone can run ads, creating an optimized campaign to derive the maximum revenue at lower costs is the ideal solution to win the online market. Just one wrong keyword can entirely ruin the whole marketing campaign by exhausting the budget. It's highly imperative to carry out proper keyword research and use it as the bottom line for an attractive Ad Copy. Our approach in this task is governed by well-approached means using advanced tools and in-depth market and competitive research and arriving at the right keywords.

Ad Text Creation

Content plays the most important role in running a successful PPC campaign. It is content that decides whether or not the visitor clicks your ads. Content writing is an art and drafting an attractive Ad Copy is all the more so since it leads to profitable conversion and not everyone can excel in this art. A perfect profit-driven Ad format involves research for the keywords and the usage of alluring and attractive professional language with catchy phrases. We have such creative content writer in our team who excel in drafting engaging and attractive Ad Text guaranteed to scale your online business towards generating more revenue for your business.

Landing Page Optimization

'The first impression is the last impression' as the saying goes and ' a landing page', true to this saying, has to immediately engage the visitors. Numerous sweet spots are there to help to boost online conversion which, however, is noticed only by a few people. In a world where valuable data is available on a single click, the simple creation of a landing page alone is not enough. Right from loading speed, attractive images, content placement with keywords to choosing a compelling color scheme with a powerful call to action your landing pages have to be optimized which is what we do. So you would do well in availing of the best-in-class landing page creation and optimization services from a leading PPC management company.

Competition Analysis

The secret of running an optimized and successful campaign can be found in the process of analyzing the competitors. In this context, the right Pay Per Click Advertising Firm becomes handy since it performs an inside-out competitor's analysis to get you the best value for your business. A properly done Competitors' The analysis could help your business perform better and save more money. Competitors' Analysis also helps in formulating a better PPC campaign by studying the analysis of the other business owners and learning how to perform better than them with less spending on the campaign. We at our Microwebz PPC Company pay great attention to the creation of a well-researched marketing campaign by carrying out multiple research audits and tests.

A/B Testing

In the world of digital space, A/B testing is a popular term. In order not to let you get overwhelmed by tech jargon, we have simplified the entire process for you. A/B testing is all about creating multiple versions of the same page to produce a template or a content piece to check which one performs better. A/B tests are conducted to ascertain which landing page is getting more traffic, conversions, and a better online user on the basis of which a similar type of data set is collected. Ours is an award-winning PPC Management Company known for our performance in the in-depth market researching using A/B tests for the collection of useful data.

Campaign Management

Do you need to boost your conversion rate, brand visibility, or do you need more business deals? If so, you need better management of your PPC campaigns. Managing multiple campaigns is a tough job and you need professional help from an experienced Pay Per Click Advertising Firm to manage your entire campaigns. We have more than 10 years of experience in this field and we not just manage the Ad Campaigns, we make sure they are performance-driven and budget-oriented. As regards the management of your high-performing campaigns, if you are not sure where to start we are ready to help. Contact us and we will do the needful for scaling your business with smart PPC management.

Conversion Tracking

Your asset is your data which you cannot afford to lose in any way. Your success online depends on the vital step of having robust conversion tracking. In addition to tracking the impressions, the clicks, the conversions, and the money spent, having precise control over the campaigns plays an important role. Our team at Microwebz tracks the conversions and other important data in real-time for the parallel optimization of the campaigns and the marketing strategy. The in-depth conversion tracking reports offered for your campaigns by us will enable you to always stay ahead of both your local as well as your international competitors. In this effort, we leverage multiple tactics and tools in channelizing the entire data available to extract meaningful data matrices.

ROI Tracking

ROI or Return On Investment tells you how much you invested in a campaign and how much you have earned from that campaign. To have a profitable ROI means added revenue in your online business. Just like Conversion Tracking, ROI Tracking is important too in that it takes you to close to your business goal. Not calculating the actual return is like gambling with the hard-earned cash in the lottery system. We employ more than 12 data factors to calculate and enhance the ROI for your business. Experience the best PPC Services provided by Microwebz.