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Microwebz looks at the needs of your business so as to determine the best strategies for your social media activities. We look not only at your business however the competition as well as the communities that already exist, to see what the best strategy would be for you. We help determine which social media networks are the most used by your customers and work with you to implement the processes that will make your presence on these networks a substantial part of your marketing campaign. We create the social profiles that are right for your business and add content and interact with the community at such times as are most valuable for gaining new customers and encouraging existing customers to return. We also provide blogs, widgets, and articles that can be used to promote your brand and image through social media network profiles, constantly updating strategies and ensuring that your online reputation and image remain at a high level leading to more sales and increased revenue.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media enables you to reach your target audience at various career building platforms like Linkedin, general socializing ones like Facebook, and Instagram, or absolute content-driven ones like Twitter for various purposes. Social Media Marketing is making use of these platforms to connect with the relevant audience to-

  • Build brand value
  • Increase the number of leads
  • Drive relevant web traffic
This is based on the write-ups of excellent and impactful content on social media profiles, and understanding of the followers with endearment, analysis of results, and the running of social media advertisements. Microwebz does create such compelling content to enhance your brand presence and manages the communications incorporating all the social media channels to produce the desired results.

We have established a whole range of services in the social media marketing space in order to customize your needs. Whatever be your preferences whether it be just building a brand for carrying out brand management activities or driving the customers, to growing your business from the grassroots level, Microwebz is here to help you achieve your set goals. We at Microwebz employ foolproof methodologies in devising suitable plans and suggest the ideal social media platforms. While the organic social media strategies have a trusted approach with their slower yet personal reach, the paid ads have an impactful and commercial approach.

Which Social Media Channels or Platforms do we work on?

Every day we work on a wide range of Social Media Channels. We are thus provided with the right expertise enabling us to recommend suitable platforms for businesses and to craft bespoke social media solutions to cope with the day-to-day challenges.


Being always known as the king of social media, it has a broad reach and a truly global network, making it the prime channel for business.


Make daily life neater and smarter with a dash of inspiration, yet more than 80 percent visit business profiles!


Having grown from 180 characters to 240, it is a host to the meanest household rants to the high-level decisions of the Whitehouse; just the right stuff for viral content.


At the moment this is the most widely used professional social media platform. It has become a 'must' for all working professionals and if you are not one among them, something must have gone haywire!


We work on Snapchat too and based on our clients' requirements customize social media strategies for them. We are now at your service and call anytime sooner for identifying the best platform for you or fill the form below and we will call you back.


Ad Tips for Social Media Marketing

All social media ads are actually in the form of auctions-ranging from INR 1 to lakhs. You could set a maximum bid amount for a target result (eg: a click) or else you could set a maximum budget per day. For achieving maximum results you must set goals for your Ads before starting the Ad campaign.
You will have to choose from out of the following depending on what your campaign goals are:

  • Cost per click(CPC)
  • Cost per one thousand impressions(CPM)
  • Cost per conversion
  • Cost per video view
  • PPC( Pay Per Click)

PPC (Pay Per Click), also known as (Cost Per Click ) is an online advertising model wherein the publisher gets paid by the advertiser for every click.PPC is the most widely used advertising model with a broad classification of Search Engine Advertising and Display Ads. Search Engine Ads or SEM is where an advertiser pays search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc., for displaying their ads either above or below the organic search results. Generally, a company will have multiple products or services. And then people use many different search terms in their search for these products and services. The organic ranking of all these search terms on the first page with the SEO is not possible for a brand. It is here that Search Engine Marketing comes into play and makes it possible for even smaller brands to compete with large companies enabling them to get highly qualified traffic to their respective websites.SEM complements SEO in getting a wider coverage in Search Engines. Advertising Platforms like Google Adwords, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc., allow an advertiser to run display campaigns across the Internet as well as native platforms with the use of ad banners for being shown to the relevant audiences. A company can still reach a wide audience based on their interests even when they are not actively searching for their products and services on search engines, via display ads. In this connection we also collaborate with various Display Side Platforms like InMobi, Offergrid, etc., depending on the requirements.

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