Panoramic Areial Views


Panoramic Areial Views

Aerial and ground combined interactive 360 panoramic virtual tours.

Microwebz offers aerial 360° panoramic photos and in addition stills for print and online utilize. It would be ideal if you look down to see illustrations

Panoramic images are a major advance up from stills and video as they put the viewer in the center and all the more significantly, in charge, of what they need to see. Aside from zooming in on the detail that interests the client, they can move 360° around and all over giving you a superb superior view.

We are combining aerials with ground displays to make one of a kind PANORAMIC VIRTUAL TOURS of universities, schools and top of the line properties for Estate operators. Route 'hotspots' connect all encompassing pictures together making the visit to give your viewer a simple method to 'look around'. Our visits interact with your grounds maps and google maps ensuring you know precisely where you are at all times.

We take extremely high-quality images which are then controlled to give the most ideal viewing experience.

These highly interactivee visits are perfect for online Prospectuses, pamphlets, and site combination. They are especially suited to forthcoming school pupils and potential buyers of property. Numerous features are included into the assembling cost of our visits. These can incorporate branding to match your site, campus and google map integration (including direction headlight), dropdown menu navigation, social media links, and hotspot labeling, google analytics, hosting and modify service.

There are numerous different things that can be added to a visit to expand its functionality. We can provide data focuses on text boxes, building, and location identifiers, video joins, stills library connections and website links. On the off chance that we haven't recorded it, please inquire.